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  • 🦉 Issue #16: An AI DJ saved my life, Amazon's author fiasco, and how AI is helping those with disabilities

🦉 Issue #16: An AI DJ saved my life, Amazon's author fiasco, and how AI is helping those with disabilities

The Jane Friedman Amazon situation has me conflicted. In more positive news, AI can help those with disabilities or health issues. More in today's issue.

🦉 Creative AI Digest - Issue #16

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It’s nice to know I can focus on deep, meaningful stories instead of breaking AI news or the latest AI tool tapping into OpenAI’s API. For example, I saw a version of this headline in every AI newsletter I'm subscribed to: “AI Is Building Highly Effective Antibodies That Humans Didn’t Know About.” There’s nothing wrong with this. I just don’t want to be trying to be the first to break news with this newsletter. I’d rather share only the best instead of the latest.

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✨ Personal Update

My love/hate relationship with Spotify continues. I’ve started listening to “X,” my personal AI DJ.

❤️ that it served up songs I’d listened to, and at the times of the day I’d typically listen to that genre.

😡 that X slid in an “editor’s choice” of songs, starting with Jason Aldean. I know Jason reads this newsletter [kidding], and I have nothing against him. But I’ve never listened to a country song on Spotify. Ever. Country music is not for me. The only explanation? Payola. The algorithm can’t be that bad. What’s old is new, I guess.

I’ve thought about going back to my CD collection or the mp3 library I ripped from it almost 20 years ago. This is a great article that got me thinking…

🚀 Scaling New AI-titudes: How AI Became Our Generation's Rockstar!


Remember when AI was just a twinkle in some programmer's eye? Fast-forward, and now we've got AI systems schooling us in Go and outperforming us in image and speech recognition.

Dario Amodei, CEO of Anthropic, warns of the blistering speed of AI evolution. Advances in AI have been fueled by three main things: powerful computing capabilities, heaps of data, and nifty algorithms. AI models like GPT-4 and LlaMa are crunching numbers and data at mind-blowing rates, backed by tech titans like Microsoft and Google.

While we might hit a data shortage by 2026, pros like Sevilla aren't sweating it. He thinks we'll find ways to innovate. The next wave of AI is promising, but as with every rad new toy, there's the potential for misuse, especially in fields like cybersecurity and biology.

My Take

The speed at which technology, especially AI, is evolving? It's like nothing we've ever witnessed before. Picture this: the combined might of increased computing power, an avalanche of data, and ingenious algorithms are reshaping the very essence of what we considered possible. It's exhilarating and a bit intimidating.

Not to sound like that guy, but the signs are clear – AI isn't hitting the brakes anytime soon. Most predictions about tech trends end up being off-mark, but based on what we're seeing? AI isn't just a fleeting fad; it's here for the long haul.

🤖 “Write” or Wrong? Amazon's AI-Generated Author Fiasco!


Amazon's been caught with its digital pants down. Professor Jane Friedman spotted some shifty books, supposedly crafted by AI, taking a wild ride on her hard-earned reputation.

Amazon first shrugged it off. But they quickly changed their tune when Twitter and the Authors Guild joined the party. While Jane's faux books got nixed, she's worried about the lesser-known Janes out there. After all, not everyone's got a backup band like the Authors Guild.

My Take

This whole AI-authored book debacle is a storm that's been brewing long before the robots started typing. And while I’m not side-eyeing Jane Friedman or Jason Nelson for crying foul, it’s worth noting that the Amazon bookstore has been a bit of a Wild West for a while now.

Some say the Amazon marketplace is already overflowing with “garbage books,” but introducing an avalanche of spammy AI-generated books? That’s just upping the chaos. And, let's face it, not every author has the muscle like Jane to bench press Amazon into submission. Amazon’s at a crossroads, and I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes.

🎯 Prompt of the Week


Want to learn how to master ChatGPT? Check out this great course from PromptHero! 👇

😂 From AOL to AI: A New Kind of Dial-Up Drama!


Staying relevant in the AI age is daunting, especially when artificial intelligence like ChatGPT starts outperforming us in areas we once dominated. Do you feel threatened or empowered?

While AI might outperform certain tasks, it lacks the vibrancy and depth of human experiences and wisdom. AI's rise is inevitable, but we have the skills to navigate and harness its power to our advantage. So, while mourning the loss of some jobs to AI, it's also time to dive into the new opportunities it brings.

My Take

The post is my take. I wrote it. LOL! Special thanks to Trudi Roth and Brian Clark for featuring my opinion in the Further newsletter.

🤖 Medium Shifts Gears: Human Stories Over AI Buzz!


Medium is updating its Partner Program to prioritize high-quality human writing over quantity and clickbait. In response to member feedback, they're shifting away from content mills and AI-generated writing to highlight human stories packed with wisdom.

The revamped system, rolling out on August 1, 2023, rewards writers who pour heart and soul into fewer, but richer stories. Earnings will boost for stories that resonate with readers and receive positive signals like claps and highlights. The core message is that compelling, original stories will outperform formulaic content.

My Take

While I'm all about spotlighting the bright side of AI, this update from Medium isn't exactly a win for AI enthusiasts like me. Still, it's a significant heads-up for freelancers and content marketers.

AI policies are rolling out, and those of us in the content game need to adjust our strategies. Clumping AI-written content with clickbait and misinformation? That's a tad reductive, Medium. It shows a glaring misunderstanding of the nuanced ways AI enhances the writing process.

Here's a thought for all of us creative professionals: Your publishing platform should align with your values and goals. If it doesn't? Vote with your feet and find somewhere that does. Your voice deserves the right stage.

🔥 Ten Tips for Awesome Prompts!

I love the attention to process instead of prompts. I endorse these 10 prompt tips!

Check out tips! 👇

🎙️ How AI Tools Are Useful For Authors with Disabilities and Health Issues with S.J. Pajonas

I have a tremendous amount of respect for both of these writers, and was thrilled to hear a different take on the AI-positive perspective when it comes to creativity. This is such a good conversation that will open your eyes to AI benefits that you might not have considered.

Check it out! 👇

⭐ AI Superstar - Ethan Mollick

Ethan Mollick is a Wharton professor and a must-follow on X. His posts are engaging, thoughtful, and forward-focused. He publishes a newsletter on Substack.

Check out Ethan’s interview with Reid Hoffman on the Possible Podcast.

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