🦉 Issue #30: Dropping GPTs - Game Changers

OpenAI just. Keeps. Shipping.

Just flew back from Vegas, and man, are my arms tired. Is a Gen Xer allowed to make a boomer joke?

In all seriousness, the conference was pivotal for me. For the independent publishing industry, generative AI came out of the closet. I’m still processing but will include my thoughts and reflections in future editions.

On a panel with the legend, Jonathan Mayberry. Photo courtesy of Joanna Penn.

The Las Vegas Sphere masquerading as the Moon. Not pictured: U2.

Oops. I did it again. Is a Gen Xer allowed to make a Britney reference?

If you write fiction and wish you had a developmental editor assistant on call 24/7, this book is for you. I’ve baked the Three Story Method into the prompting process, which is something you won’t get in a “creative writing prompt” generated by some kid in his basement.

✨ Personal Update

So this happened!

I’m featured in a soon-to-be released documentary film called, AI DECODED.

“Who the hell is J. Thorn?'“ - My Mom

☝️ The crew came to Cleveland in July and rolled film on me for a full day. You can see me in the trailer.

Stay tuned for release info…

🚀 Customize Your AI: The Dawn of the Personalized ChatGPT Era!


OpenAI's Dev Day revealed a pivotal shift in AI with the introduction of GPTs and the GPT Store, broadening the horizons of AI customization. GPTs are personalized versions of ChatGPT, crafted for distinct purposes without requiring coding skills. These developments are not just for tech wizards; they're for anyone eager to dive into AI, including educators and innovators. The GPT Store, launching later in November 2023, will enable creators to showcase and monetize their GPTs.

My Take

OpenAI's latest unveiling of GPTs and the GPT Store feels like we've just been handed the keys to a new kingdom, much like when Apple opened its App Store. It's a game-changer, transforming every one of us into potential software developers without the need for deep coding skills. I've already created five GPTs since this feature became available, and each experience reinforces my belief in the boundless potential of this technology. Sure, it's still in its early stages, and sometimes the GPTs don't do what I say, but the possibilities are limitless.

Check out the GPTs I’ve created. Free if you have a paid ChatGPT subscription! 👇👇👇

🚀 AI's Stellar Surge: A 2023 Odyssey in Tech!


In the whirlwind world of AI, 2023 has been a year of staggering growth and startling stats. The AI market's growth has been nothing short of meteoric, with big players like Google joining the fray with their own AI offerings. On the job front, the picture is a mix of disruption and opportunity. McKinsey forecasts the creation of 133 million new jobs by 2030, yet the World Economic Forum warns that about 25% of jobs might be disrupted in the next five years. Legal professions are currently the most AI-influenced, with 78% of legal jobs now touched by AI.

My Take

AI's impact is broad and deep, and we're just getting started. I think that 25% job disruption figure is conservative. We're looking at a widespread shake-up across industries, not just a few ripples. Legal professions are already feeling the AI wave more than others, but I'd bet my bottom dollar that the entertainment industry is going to climb that list fast. The investment scene? It's like everyone's rushing to strike AI gold. A whopping 25% of U.S. startup investments in 2023 went to AI. This isn't just a trend; it's a full-blown revolution.

🎯 Prompt of the Week

💡 The AI Paradox: When Too Much Tech Undermines the Human Touch!


While generative AI, like ChatGPT, is gaining traction, this explosive popularity might paradoxically signal its downfall. A key concern is the internet becoming inundated with AI-generated content, reducing the availability and perceived value of genuine human content. Studies reveal alarming trends like "model collapse" and "Model Autophagy Disorder (MAD)", where AI models training on their outputs lead to a degenerative cycle, losing touch with real-world data. The article concludes by stressing the importance of maintaining human creativity in the face of an AI-saturated digital landscape.

My Take

The idea of generative AI peaking might seem as outlandish, but there's a ring of truth here. I can't shake the feeling that the tech giants like OpenAI, Meta, Google, Microsoft, and Amazon must be aware of the potential pitfalls like model collapse. The article's assertion that human-generated content will become a rare commodity, and thus more valuable, strikes a chord with me. I believe it'll always hold more value than AI-generated content. But calling this the peak of generative AI? That seems more like clickbait than a grounded prediction.

🤖 AI Transforms Marketing: Beyond the Mad Men Era!


In 2023, generative AI (GenAI) has radically reshaped marketing, as observed by various experts including executives and consultants. This transformation goes beyond the introduction of tools like ChatGPT, Jasper, and DALL-E 3. It has fundamentally altered the role of marketers and the essence of marketing itself. GenAI has been pivotal in overcoming traditional marketing challenges, providing a new paradigm for content creation and distribution.

My Take

The emergence of GenAI in marketing feels like we're surfing on a giant wave of change. Sure, I'm skeptical about whether marketing has completely transitioned from a creative to a data-driven field, but there's no denying the shift. It's like suddenly realizing you're a marketer in this AI-dominated landscape, whether you like it or not. And, let's face it, GenAI isn't entirely new; it's another chapter in a story where AI has been a silent partner for decades. The key takeaway? It's all about balancing the new tech wave with the human touch, ensuring AI doesn't drown out creativity but rather gives it a new platform to shine.

🦖 Rexy: Your AI-Powered Writing Assistant

☝☝☝ My friends Elizabeth Ann West and Stephanie Pajonas at Future Fiction Academy have an amazing new tool you need to check out called, Rexy!

These ladies are doing amazing things for writers.

J. Thorn, Joanna Penn, Steph Pajonas, Elizabeth Ann West - 20books Vegas

From the Future Fiction Academy website:

Meet Rexy, our state-of-the-art prompting tool designed to elevate your writing:

  • AI-Powered Precision: With OpenAI and Anthropic Claude models, Rexy tailors suggestions, ensuring your stories resonate.

  • Integrated Workflow: Say goodbye to manual copy-pasting. Rexy seamlessly syncs with Notion, streamlining your workflow.

  • Customizable Prompts: Whether it’s crafting engaging dialogues or building intricate worlds, Rexy’s prompt libraries and memory boxes are your allies.

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