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  • 🦉 Issue #31: People will always prefer a real animal instead of machine transportation.

🦉 Issue #31: People will always prefer a real animal instead of machine transportation.

OpenAI just. Keeps. Shifting. (call back to Issue #30)

I’m writing this on November 22, 2023. By the time it publishes on November, 27 2023, Sam Altman might be President of the Universe.

What ChatGPT thinks Sam Altman looks like as “President of the Universe”

Creative AI Digest is not a “breaking news” publication. I’ve resisted commenting on the OpenAI drama (until now) because I have no idea what is happening. Nobody does. Not even Altman.

Here’s what I remind myself in these situations:

  1. I don’t know what’s happening. Nobody does. Not even the people involved.

  2. Eating popcorn to and indulging in the drama is a total waste of my time.

  3. I have zero impact on the outcome.

✨ Personal Update

As my brand and platform evolves, I’m emphasizing consultations and speaking engagements through 2024.

I’ve added a section at the bottom of the newsletter if you’d like to join me at an IRL event. For 2024, most of my gigs are west of the Mississippi.

For now, I’m going with the “happy grunger lumberjack” look. Man buns are so Millennial.

If you need a “Generative AI Expert | ChatGPT Specialist | Educator,” you can browse my profile on Upwork.

🎧 AI Hits the High Notes: Lyria's Leap into Music Generation


DeepMind's recent foray into music creation, specifically with the introduction of their new GenAI model, Lyria, signifies a major shift in the landscape of music production and creativity. Lyria utilizes AI to generate high-quality music, encompassing everything from intricate instrumentals to captivating vocals. It's not just about producing sounds; it’s about crafting entire musical experiences.

My Take

The music industry, often the proverbial “canary in the coal mine” for technological evolution, is witnessing yet another revolutionary phase with AI-generated music. This reminds me of the seismic shifts brought on by platforms like Napster. My feelings about AI in music are mixed, especially when it mimics specific artists or bands.

I can't help but acknowledge a hard truth: the line between “real” and AI artists is blurring, and fans may soon reach a point where the distinction becomes irrelevant. This isn't just speculation; it's a trajectory that's becoming more apparent every day.

The notion that fans will always crave a connection with a “real” human artist is, in many cases, propagated by those with vested interests.

If you use the words “always” or “never” when talking to me, I’ve already dismissed you.

🎭 Silverman vs. Silicon: The Copyright Clash


The lawsuit, seemingly straightforward in its claim, turned into a battleground over the legitimacy of AI training practices. Meta defended its stance, labeling AI training as “quintessential fair use,” challenging traditional notions of copyright in the AI era.

However, Judge Vince Chhabria, signaled an inclination to trim down this lawsuit. The judge's decision to likely dismiss significant parts of Silverman's lawsuit doesn't just impact the parties involved; it's a commentary on the evolving intersection of AI and copyright law.

What's at stake here is not just a legal decision but the future of AI in creative industries. This lawsuit could set precedents, shape opinions, and influence how we view the delicate balance between technological innovation and artistic integrity.

My Take

You don't need to be a lawyer to see where this is heading. The recent development in Sarah Silverman's lawsuit against Meta and OpenAI, where a judge indicated a move to dismiss large chunks of the case, was predictable for anyone with even a basic grasp of how Large Language Models (LLMs) work.

It's fascinating, almost ironic, how the mainstream media's coverage of this lawsuit's progression paled in comparison to the frenzy when it was first filed.

I don't harbor any ill will towards the Bedwetter (I still have a major celebrity crush on Silverman) or the other authors entangled in this legal mess. They're not the villains here; they're more like unwitting pawns in a larger game played by opportunistic lawyers eyeing a lucrative payday.

Expect more of these copyright infringement suits against AI to fizzle out. But just like this case, many will quietly disappear from the headlines, leaving behind a trail of questions and debates about AI's role in our creative processes.

🎯 Prompt of the Week

📚 Turning the Page: 2024's Revolution in Self-Publishing


The self-publishing landscape is evolving rapidly, and 2024 is shaping up to be a year of groundbreaking trends, as outlined by SelfPubWriter.com. These trends signal a dynamic shift in the self-publishing industry, driven by technological advancements and changing consumer behaviors. The future of self-publishing is not just about writing and selling books; it's about navigating a landscape that's increasingly digital, global, and interconnected​.

My Take

Dan Padavona, as a friend and co-writer, has always been one of the good ones. This article of his is a real eye-opener about what's coming down the pipeline in self-publishing for 2024. And I appreciate the shoutout in the "AI and Machine Learning" section!

“The Rise in AI-Narrated Audiobooks” section is a must-read, especially with Spotify making moves in this area. It's clear that the self-publishing world is in for some seismic shifts, and these trends he’s highlighted are just the tip of the iceberg. We're moving into an era where traditional boundaries are being redrawn, and the rules of the game are changing.

This is yet another validation point to my claim that “self-publishing is dead.” Dan and others (Becca Syme at 20books Vegas) say it in kinder, less-obnoxious ways than I do, but the message is the same:

What worked until now won’t work anymore.

🌐 AI Revolution: Harnessing Intelligence for a Smarter World


Artificial Intelligence (AI). It's not just hype; AI is already transforming our world, from data centers to consumer apps, with over 300K models shared and 8,000 AI apps created. In 2023, AI is no longer an emerging trend but a rapidly shaping wave, impacting our tech ecosystem and economy. AI's utility, while still nascent, has seen over $20 billion invested in private AI companies.

My Take

Follow the money. This isn't just about tech geeks in a basement; it's about big-league investors betting on AI to be the next big thing. Open-source AI feels right, ethically speaking, but let's face facts: it's the for-profit companies that are likely to pour in the dough for research and development. This is a gut check for Software as a Service (SaaS) companies. We're on the brink of "intelligence-as-a-service" (IQaaS) transforming industries.

Adapt or get left behind. AI is not just a flashy new tool; it's a game-changer, reshaping how we do business, interact with technology, and perceive innovation. For years I’ve been telling my wife she’s been getting IQaaS from me. She’s still not buying it.

💥 How to Harness ChatGPT for Elevating Your Email Newsletter Content

I know, I know. I’m cranking these books out faster than a F1 refund request in Las Vegas.

“I have an email list. But I don’t know what to send them?”

Problem solved. Get the solution for less than a cup of coffee.

Unless that coffee is from the Horseshoe Casino coffee bar in Las Vegas, in which case you can get my quick guide for what would amount to a backwashed sip of coffee. Cold, and possibly with a cigarette butt floating in the cup.


🏫 Learn How to Resonate with Your B2B Prospects & Customers with Stories

I’ve known Jarie Bolander for years and he’s one of the smartest entrepreneurs/business people I know. His story-driven approach to marketing is brilliant, and I can’t recommend his course enough.

I recommend his course.

Really, I recommend his course.

Like I said, I can’t recommend it enough.


I recommend his course.

Okay. I’ll stop now.

✨ J. Thorn Public Appearances

If you’re interested in hearing me speak, present, or pontificate on a panel, check out my speaking schedule.

Note: ”Upcoming” gigs are linked to the event site, while “Past” gigs are linked to replays, where available.


✅ Author Alchemy Summit ('24) February 22-25, 2024 - Portland, Oregon

✅ South by Southwest ('24), March 8-16, 2024 - Austin, Texas

✅ Idaho Writers Conference ('24) April 11-13, 2024 - Boise, Idaho


✅ Creator Economy Expo ('23), Cleveland, Ohio

✅ NFT-NYC ('23), New York, New York

✅ StokerCon (‘23) Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

✅ Cincinnati AI for Humans (October 2023) Cincinnati, Ohio

✅ Fiction Marketing Academy Summit (October 2023) Online

✅ 20Books Vegas ('23) Las Vegas, Nevada

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